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FRI Dams in the Eastern Cape manufactures and installs steel dams with lining. It is ideal for livestock, irrigation and firelands.

The dams are made from 1mm galvanized steel instead of corrugated iron. The structure is therefore much stronger than the structure of corrugated sheet dams. Steel with a thickness of 0.8mm, 1.2mm and 1.6mm is also available. Thanks to a better design, the dams can also carry extra weight, such as a roof, covers, etc.

It is more wind resistant than a corrugated dam. The advantage of these designs and using these steel plates, panels can easlity be replaced if damaged.
These dams are available nationwide and can also be delivered. We install the dams ourselves on your farm , no matter near or far.

The dams have a 10-year warranty but can last for over 25 years. The transport and movement of the dams is relatively easy as all the parts of the dam fit onto a single cabin bakkie.

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